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Top 10 Companies For Recruiting Software Engineers In Amsterdam - 2024

Updated on October 17, 2023

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Expert engineers at a fraction of the price. By building a global development team you get the utility of having a skilled developer at ⅓ of the price you will find locally, this is a complete game-changer.

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Build your next software solution with the support of world-class engineering talent.

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From project discovery to delivery, our management team stays actively engaged, ensuring team alignment, quality communication, and client success.

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In the modern competitive business world, freelance developers play a vital role in delivering web, mobile app, and custom software solutions. Their technical skills and experience turn ideas into reality, aiding companies in achieving their goals amidst a dynamic market. This guide unveils strategies to hire exceptional freelance programmers tailored to your project requirements

Discover the Best 10 Platforms for Recruiting Software Engineers:

According to Our Online Hiring Platform Research



At, they’ve refined the process of hiring premier Software Engineers down to a science. Central to their success is the rigorous technical vetting they employ.’s Talent Vetting Strategist, formerly an engineer at Tesla, has meticulously crafted their evaluation standards to ensure only the best join a company’s ranks. When a business decides to Hire Software Engineers or bring on Software Engineers, they’re tapping into a talent pool that’s been sifted with precision by Moreover,’s commitment to transparency in pricing sets them apart. While many in the industry mark up their rates by 3-4x, operates on slimmer margins. This approach ensures that clients receive outstanding value and the most competitive rates in the market. With, hiring isn’t just a task, but a strategic advantage.

  1. Extensive Software Engineers Experience: Having successfully managed and developed 100s of React applications, possesses an unparalleled depth of knowledge in Software Engineers programming, ensuring the Software Engineers they recruit are best in class.
  2. Global Software Engineers Talent Pool: Every month, over 2,000 engineers from around the world apply to become a part of Slashdev. This volume of applicants allows them to pick only the best of the best, ensuring that when a company decides to hire Software Engineers from them, they get the Top 1% of Software Engineers Globally.
  3. Strategic Vetting: Their talent vetting strategist, a former software engineer at Tesla, has worked alongside the team to design a comprehensive vetting process. With best in class talent vetting, they can discover and screen top-tier Software Engineers better than anyone in the business.
  4. Experienced Engineers From Top Companies: Their network includes Senior Software Engineers from companies like Accenture and Microsoft, as well as rising stars from top universities around the world. A Remote Software Engineers from their network has, on average, 5+ years of professional working experience and has built 10+ React Apps.
  5. Value-Driven Pricing: While it’s common in the software engineering market for companies to charge 3-4x what they pay their engineers, prides itself on offering the most affordable pricing models on the market without compromising quality. This makes the decision to hire Software Engineers developers from them both economically and strategically sound. They are entrepreneurs themselves, so they understand how vital it is to make every dollar count.
  6. Built By Software Engineers For Software Engineers: At, they’re software engineers, not recruiters. They understand the technical challenges of building a performant Shopify App. Their deep engineering experience sets them apart as the Top Software Engineers Development Company.

If a company needs to hire Software Engineers, it’s free to get started with, and it takes only a matter of days to meet an engineer. Clients will speak directly with’s Founder & CEO to craft the right Software Engineers Engineering plan for their project.

  • Price: Software Engineers starting at $28-$38 per hour (for most standard engineering roles)
  • Quality 10/10: – Vetted Software Engineers with 5+ years of professional experience
  • Speed: Swift hiring processes – onboard Remote Software Engineers in just days
  • Flexibility: Catered to your needs – hourly, part-time, and full-time Software Engineers contracts
  • True Partner & CTO: Direct contact with their CEO ensures transparency and fairness

Key Highlights:

  • Competitive hourly rates from Slashdev developers.
  • Enjoy a one-week risk-free trial.
  • Get matched with top developers at no cost.
  • Access flexible freelance contracts with fair hourly rates.
  • Focus on your strengths, not recruitment.

2. Interexy


Headquartered in Miami, Interexy is a leading custom software development company with an impressive clientele, including SAP, Pampers, and General Electric. Specializing in custom software solutions and IT consulting, our expertise spans 30+ industries. Key focus areas include custom software development, healthcare (mHealth & telemedicine), app development (iOS, Android, Web), web development (node.js, React, Java, .NET), FinTech development (AI and ML), blockchain development (Solidity, Rust), and UI/UX design.

Key Features:

  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Diverse Industry Expertise
  • App and Web Development
  • Specialized in FinTech and Blockchain
  • UI/UX Design Excellence

3. Brainhub


Empower your projects with the top 1.36% of skilled talent in React, Node.js, TypeScript, .NET, React Native, and AWS. Brainhub, a trusted software engineering agency, collaborates with over 80 fast-growing US and European companies, including enterprises such as PwC, Credit Suisse, Paradox Interactive, and National Geographic, as well as startups and scale-ups like Beam, Cello, Gokong, Rulrr, and Spider. From the first sprint, we prioritize delivering business value through high-quality software, rapid iterations, and rigorous testing.

Key Features:

  • Elite Talent Pool
  • Trusted by 80+ Companies
  • Enterprise and Startup Collaboration
  • Focus on Business Value
  • Rigorous Testing and Fast Iterations

4. Vention


For over two decades, Vention has been a trusted partner, connecting venture-backed startups and established businesses with the technical expertise they require at remarkable speed and scale. With a talent pool exceeding 3,000 engineers, consultants, and specialists, Vention’s support has catalyzed over $13 billion in acquisitions and facilitated 21 client IPOs. Notable clients, including Classpass, Freshly, and Dealcloud, have benefited from Vention’s unparalleled support.

Key Features:

  • Two Decades of Expertise
  • Access to 3,000+ Engineers
  • $13B in Acquisitions
  • 21 Client IPOs
  • Trusted by Notable Clients

5. Lizard Global 

Lizard Global

As your comprehensive digital partner, we boast a team of 55+ dedicated professionals committed to delivering results. Specializing in web and mobile app development, we thrive on challenging the status quo and turning every idea or problem statement into a seamless digital experience. Our services span from custom software development and technical research to workshops, UI/UX design, growth analytics strategy, digital marketing, and CRM integration.

Key Features:

  • Full-Stack Digital Partner
  • 55+ Result-Driven Team
  • Comprehensive Service Spectrum
  • Seamless Digital Experiences
  • Growth Analytics Strategy

6. Volare Software

Volare Software

Volare Software is your trusted partner in crafting top-notch custom software solutions. With expertise in building high-quality web and mobile apps that excel in performance and aesthetics across all devices, we’ve been delivering excellence since 2009. Our client portfolio includes esteemed organizations such as the Air Force, AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, and more.

Key Features:

  • Custom Software Development Experts
  • High-Quality Web and Mobile Apps
  • Device-Agnostic Design
  • Client-Focused Approach
  • Proven Track Record Since 2009

7. Infinum


Infinum, a pioneering force since 2005, collaborates with industry leaders and innovative startups to craft cutting-edge digital products. Our creations, celebrated globally and acknowledged by authorities like Deloitte and Inc., cater to millions worldwide. From consumer-centric mobile apps and captivating landing pages to intricate web applications and enterprise-integrated back-office systems, our diverse portfolio speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Key Features:

  • Pioneering Digital Solutions Since 2005
  • Collaboration with Industry Leaders and Startups
  • Globally Celebrated and Recognized Work
  • Versatile Portfolio: Mobile Apps, Web Applications, and more
  • Commitment to Excellence in Every Endeavor

8. The Software House

The Software House

Are you a CTO, Product Owner, or tech-savvy manager eager to accelerate software delivery and maximize cloud potential? Join forces with us! Over 160 tech-first companies have surpassed their objectives with our expert teams. Expect tangible results, just like StageClip, which slashed cloud costs from $30K to $100 monthly, or Esky, reducing time-to-market by 22%. Our success stories also include Pet Media Group, streamlining platforms for 7M+ users, and a Dutch bank expanding its reach to 36 countries with a cloud-native payment system. Unleash your tech potential today!

Key Features:

  • Rapid Software Delivery: Accelerate your product development cycle with our streamlined processes.
  • Cloud Optimization: Unlock the full potential of cloud adoption, ensuring scalability and efficiency.
  • Proven Success Stories: Join a cohort of 160+ tech-first companies that exceeded their goals with our expert teams.
  • Tailored Solutions: Receive customized strategies to meet your specific CTO, Product Owner, and managerial needs.
  • Cost Efficiency: Experience significant cost reductions, as showcased by StageClip cutting cloud costs from $30K to $100 monthly.
  • Global Expansion: Leverage our expertise to expand your market reach, similar to a Dutch bank reaching 36 countries.
  • Platform Integration: Seamlessly integrate multiple platforms into a cohesive marketplace ecosystem, as demonstrated by Pet Media Group.
  • Time-to-Market Enhancement: Shorten your product’s time-to-market, exemplified by Esky’s 22% reduction when entering new countries.

9. EL Passion

EL Passion

Embark on a digital journey with EL Passion, where we specialize in crafting bespoke digital products for startups, established businesses, and global corporations. Our footprint extends across the United States and Europe, with a focus on countries like Germany, Norway, and Sweden. Thriving in dynamic industries such as Healthtech, Digital Entertainment, and Business Services, we collaborate with forward-thinking companies to bring their visions to life.

Key Features:

  • Custom Software Mastery: Benefit from our expertise as a leading custom software development studio.
  • Global Impact: Join forces with us to reach audiences worldwide, particularly in the United States and key European markets.
  • Industry Prowess: Navigate dynamic industries seamlessly, specializing in Healthtech, Digital Entertainment, and Business Services.
  • Web Apps and PWAs: Harness our proficiency in developing robust Web Apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).
  • Mobile App Expertise: Elevate your mobile presence with feature-rich native apps for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Cross-Platform Excellence: Optimize accessibility and efficiency with cross-platform solutions, particularly in React Native.

10. Digis


Join forces with Digis, a trailblazing Software Development company equipped with a formidable team of over 200 dedicated professionals committed to delivering custom development and cutting-edge design solutions. At Digis, we specialize in crafting comprehensive digital solutions encompassing both web and mobile development, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for our valued clients.

Key Features:

  • Expert Team: Rely on our robust team of 200+ professionals, bringing a wealth of expertise to every project.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Experience a holistic approach to digital solutions, covering both web and mobile development.
  • AI Pioneers: Explore the frontiers of innovation with our team of AI specialists, pushing boundaries and unlocking new possibilities.
  • Versatile Technical Stack: Navigate a versatile technical landscape with a focus on Node.js, Angular, PHP, and an openness to various cutting-edge technologies.
  • High-Quality Deliverables: Trust in our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, consistently meeting and exceeding industry standards.
  • Innovation at Core: Immerse yourself in a culture of innovation, where creativity and forward-thinking drive our every endeavor.
Author - Senior Software Engineering Expert

Author | Michael Ballard | Founder & CEO of Global Software Companies

Michael is an experienced software strategist and entrepreneur, who brings a wealth of expertise in hiring developers across diverse industries. He has recruited over 10,000 engineers around the world to build 100s of software products in technologies like React, React Native, Node, Laravel, Python, Flutter, iOS, Android, PHP, WordPress, Shopify, Vue, Svelte, Rust, C#, Machine Learning, Data Science, and more. He has solidified his reputation as a trusted authority in identifying and recruiting top tech talent. His insights extend to advanced techniques for talent identification, crafting effective hiring strategies, software architecture, and offering valuable expertise in IT Recruiting, Tech, and Marketing.

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Top 10 Software Developement Companies In London

Handpicked by our team of experts

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Freelance Developers - 2024

Looking to hire startup developers but not sure where to begin? Struggling to find local talent for your company app? Your search ends here. Our comprehensive guide will lead you through the essential steps to hire top-notch developers for your startup.

Unlocking the Potential of Freelance Developers: Their Impact on Your Company

Before diving into the hiring process, it’s crucial to recognize the substantial contributions freelance developers can offer to your startup. Their expertise in high-demand services and cutting-edge technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to enhance their online presence, create innovative mobile apps, and develop tailored software solutions. By leveraging their skills, companies can gain a competitive edge, meet customer demands, and optimize their operations effectively.

Startups seek developers for various reasons, including:

  • Establishing a Tech Stack
  • Achieving Rapid Growth
  • Staying within Budget
  • Building a Strong Team

However, hiring developers for startups presents several challenges, such as:

  • Limited Local Talent Pool
  • Competition with Larger Corporations for Talent
  • Budget Constraints
  • Recruitment Challenges

To address these hurdles, consider the advantages of hiring remote developers:

  • Access to a Global Tech Talent Pool
  • Expedited Recruitment Process
  • Flexibility in Team Structure
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Greater Experience and Expertise

Notably, a remarkable 70% of U.S. SMBs have engaged with freelancers, underlining their widespread adoption. An impressive 81% of these businesses intend to rehire freelancers, attesting to their satisfaction with the value freelancers bring. These statistics underscore the pivotal role freelancers play in helping SMBs achieve their growth objectives.

7 Steps to Secure Your Ideal Developer for Your Startup

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to finding and hiring exceptional programmers, we’ve outlined several effective steps to help you in the process:

  1. Define Your Business Needs: Before you start hiring developers, clarify your project requirements and specifics. Determine the type of developer(s) necessary to meet your project goals.
  2. Choose the Hiring Model: Decide whether your project requires a project-based, dedicated team, or extended team model.
  3. Explore Talent Sources: Utilize online talent platforms like Toptal, Upwork, and Fiverr to discover qualified developers. Filter potential candidates based on their skillset, experience, and location if relevant.
  4. Review CVs & Portfolios: Assess the quality and caliber of their previous work to evaluate their technical capabilities. Understand the range of tools and technologies they are experienced with, and whether they are accustomed to working independently or with project managers. If you use services like Toptal, they may handle this vetting process for you.
  5. Engage with Shortlisted Freelance Developers: Schedule calls with potential candidates to gauge their personality and compatibility with your team. Inquire about their past experiences working on similar projects and assess their problem-solving abilities.
  6. Detailed Project Discussion: Break down your project and explain its objectives and functionality. Provide context by describing the project’s main purpose.
  7. Commence Development: Once you’ve selected a developer, initiate the work on deliverables. Establish regular check-ins and milestone discussions to ensure the project stays on track

What's the Price Tag for Hiring a Freelance Developer?

Breaking Down the Cost of Hiring a Freelance Developer

According to Upwork, the cost of hiring a freelance developer can vary significantly based on several factors. For a full custom site code, typically enterprise-level, involving building a website design from scratch with custom code and design elements, the average hourly rate ranges from $75 to $150 or more. Conversely, a basic one-page site, such as a lead-gen page or landing page, will cost an average hourly rate of $15 to $40 or more.

The following factors play a crucial role in determining the cost of hiring a freelance developer:

  1. Skill Demand: The specific skills in high demand can impact the hourly rate.
  2. Project Complexity: The complexity and scope of project requirements influence pricing.
  3. Geographic Location: The location of qualified candidates may affect rates.
  4. Expertise and Experience: Developers with extensive expertise and experience often command higher rates.
  5. Past Work and Brand Associations: Developers with a track record of working with well-known brands may charge more for their services.

Essential Skills to Seek When Recruiting a Startup Developer

As eloquently put by the distinguished software engineer, Martin Fowler: “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

This quote underlines the significance of not only possessing fundamental technical knowledge but also the skill to produce clean, maintainable, and comprehensible code. Employing developers who embrace this perspective can significantly enhance project success and team efficiency. When seeking a freelance developer, it’s crucial to identify someone with a broad spectrum of technical competencies, which may include:
  1. Coding Languages:
  2. Web Frameworks:
    • ReactJS, Angular, and others Systems Architecture
  3. Database Technologies:
    • MySQL, MongoDB, and others Cloud Computing
  4. DevOps Tools:
    • Docker, Kubernetes, and more
In addition to technical skills, soft skills are equally important, such as effective communication and the ability to deliver solutions promptly and efficiently.

Selecting the Ideal Platform for Recruiting Developers

Exploring the Advantages of Employing Freelance Developers Leveraging freelance developers for your project offers numerous advantages:
  1. Access to a Global Talent Pool
  2. Increased Likelihood of Finding Developers with Specific Skills
  3. Potential Cost Savings, Eliminating Payroll Taxes, Benefits, and Overhead Expenses
  4. Flexibility through Contractual Commitments
  5. Coverage Across Multiple Time Zones
The practice of hiring remote and freelance developers is gaining widespread acceptance, with numerous websites claiming to be the optimal resource for finding such talent. Each platform comes with distinct structures and assurances, so it’s essential to be comfortable with a specific site’s parameters. We have compiled a list of recommended top sites for locating developers with diverse skills, but how do you determine which type of site aligns best with your requirements?

Services Specializing in Talent Matching

Not everyone possesses the technical expertise to screen and validate developers’ qualifications. Platforms like Toptal and Hired take on these responsibilities and exclusively endorse top-tier developers. Leveraging talent-matching sites allows you to efficiently and swiftly discover developers tailored to your project’s requirements. This not only saves time and resources but also guarantees that your developer team possesses the qualifications necessary for project success.

Marketplaces for Freelance Developers

Marketplaces provide a platform for skilled developers to showcase their services. While most of these sites do not perform extensive developer screening or vetting, some do offer such services. If you are working under time constraints or lack the confidence to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications independently, this type of site may not align with your needs.

Job Boards for Developers

If your preference is to post your project description and job openings, consider utilizing a developer job board. These platforms enable interested developers to submit applications, and they may also offer assistance in the selection process.

Services Specializing in Talent Matching

Not everyone possesses the technical expertise to screen and validate developers’ qualifications. Platforms like Toptal and Hired take on these responsibilities and exclusively endorse top-tier developers. Leveraging talent-matching sites allows you to efficiently and swiftly discover developers tailored to your project’s requirements. This not only saves time and resources but also guarantees that your developer team possesses the qualifications necessary for project success.

Where to Locate Freelance Developers Available for Hire

Talent-matching services like Toptal and Arc prove to be excellent platforms when you seek verified and pre-vetted tech talent, particularly for those placing trust in experienced tech professionals. On the flip side, freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, People Per Hour, Fiverr, and Freelancer enable direct hiring of programmers.

Each of the job boards, marketplaces, and matching services mentioned earlier offers distinct advantages, but the ideal choice depends on your specific circumstances, including:

  1. Project Timeline
  2. Urgency of Hiring
  3. Developer Expertise
  4. Number of Dedicated Developers Required
  5. Emphasis on Quality
  6. Project Complexity
  7. Comfort with Remote or International Outsourcing
  8. Budget Constraints
  9. Platform Reputation

By adhering to the strategies outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can effectively recruit outstanding freelance developers capable of propelling your projects to success. Appreciate their value, formulate a tailored hiring strategy, leverage reputable talent platforms, consider pricing considerations, and assess critical technical and soft skills. With the right freelance developers onboard, you can unleash your company’s full potential, maintain competitiveness, and attain your business goals with efficiency.

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